COSCU 100 - Celebrating Global Educational Heroes​

Honoring the Trailblazers of Education Transformation. Witness the power of recognition as we amplify the voices of those reshaping educational landscapes globally. Join us in celebrating the impact makers, innovators, and change agents propelling positive educational change worldwide.


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Celebrating Global Educational Heroes

COSCU 100 is an initiative dedicated to honoring and celebrating the incredible individuals who are transforming the landscape of education worldwide. From K-12 leaders and higher education pioneers to dedicated philanthropists and relentless advocates, our annual list shines a spotlight on those making a profound impact in the field of education.

Why COSCU 100?

Highlighting Excellence

We recognize and celebrate the contributions of outstanding educators and leaders who are making a real difference.

Inspiring Innovation

By showcasing innovative approaches to education, we inspire others to think creatively and act boldly.

COSCU 100 Educational Changemakers celebrates the extraordinary individuals who are transforming education across the globe. By highlighting their innovative solutions, compassionate leadership, and unwavering commitment to equity, COSCU 100 aims to inspire others, foster collaboration, and promote lasting positive change in the education sector. Enjoy an year-long opportunity to gain unparalleled global recognition, behind-the-scenes access, and connect with a distinguished community of changemakers worldwide.

Fostering Collaboration

We create a global network of changemakers who can share best practices and collaborate on impactful projects.

Promoting Equity and Inclusion

We celebrate initiatives that ensure education is accessible and equitable for all, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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*Applicable till 30th June’2024

* Inquire about fee grants for eligible applicants


Jury Team

Our jury comprises globally renowned leaders, visionaries, and innovators who are deeply committed to advancing education and societal progress. These distinguished individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from diverse fields, ensuring a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process.


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The COSCU 100 Educational Changemakers are meticulously chosen by a distinguished jury comprised of leading educators, philanthropists, and advocates from around the globe. Each honoree is selected through a rigorous and highly selective process, ensuring that only the cream de la crème are recognized. By becoming part of this elite community of 100 changemakers, you will join a network of passionate and like-minded individuals dedicated to transforming education. Honorees will receive unparalleled global recognition, behind-the-scenes opportunities, and the chance to forge lasting friendships with peers who share the same drive to create impactful change in the world., and enjoy a year-long journey of collaboration and visibility that extends far beyond a one-time accolade.


Any individual making a significant impact in education, including K-12 leaders, higher education pioneers, philanthropists, and advocates can be nominated for COSCU 100.

Nominees are evaluated based on their impact, innovation, leadership, sustainability, and alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 4 (Quality Education), SDG 5 (Gender Equality), and SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities).

Yes, there is a nominal application fee to cover operational expenses associated with the evaluation process and the production of the coffee table book. Fee grants are available for applicants demonstrating financial need.

Inaugural Fee $500: Will be applicable till June 30th ' 2024

Discounted Fee $1000: will be applicable from 1st August to 31st August

Standard Fee $1500: will be applicable from 1st September to 15th October' 2024

Late Fee $2000: Will be applicable from 16th October to 31st October' 2024

The COSCU Hundred honorees are selected through a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process. Our esteemed jury, composed of globally recognized leaders and experts in education, carefully assess each nominee based on the following criteria and their respective weightages:

  1. Innovation (30%): Evaluates the originality, effectiveness, and sustainability of the nominee's innovative practices or programs in addressing educational challenges.
  2. Impact (40%): Considers the reach, measurable outcomes, and sustainability of the nominee's work, including the number of people or communities impacted and the enduring benefits generated.
  3. Inspiration (20%): Assesses the nominee's ability to inspire others, demonstrated leadership qualities, and advocacy efforts in driving educational reform and public awareness.
  4. Collaboration and Community Engagement (10%): Considers the nominee's collaborations, partnerships, and community involvement, fostering a sense of ownership and participation.

Additional Parameters

  • Dedication: Consistency and commitment to the cause of education.
  • Collaboration: Willingness to collaborate with others to enhance educational outcomes.
  • Ethical Standards: Adherence to high ethical standards and integrity in their work.


The application process requires nominees to provide a detailed description of their work in the education sector, specific examples of how they meet the criteria of innovation, impact, and inspiration, supporting documents or evidence demonstrating their achievements, and letters of recommendation.

The jury thoroughly reviews all applications, assessing each nominee's contributions against the selection criteria. Based on this comprehensive evaluation, the jury selects the COSCU Hundred honorees who embody excellence, dedication, and innovation in advancing education globally.

Selected honorees receive global recognition, feature in an exclusive coffee table book, gain media coverage on global platforms, access networking opportunities, receive invitations to exclusive events, and become part of a supportive community dedicated to promoting equity and inclusion in education. Enjoy an year-long opportunity to gain unparalleled global recognition, behind-the-scenes access, and connect with a distinguished community of changemakers worldwide.

For any additional questions or inquiries about COSCU 100, please contact Joan Bakker, PR and Communication Executive, at